Wheels and Tires

We are proud to be a authorized Signature Tire Location. This partnership allows us to bring our customers highly competitive tire pricing the industry’s most recognizable brands. Please contact us to get a quote or discuss your best option for your next tire purchase.

Winter tire Package Program

Through our tire and wheel partners we are able to offer complete winter wheel and tire packages for most vehicles with a focus on European vehicles. Our partnership with fastco allows us to offer the correct fitting wheels at a large price reduction compared to an OEM wheel from a dealer. Exact fitament and complete customer satisfaction, coupled with a low price is fully achievable with our winter package program.

Tire Storage

We provide seasonal tire storage for our clients, this service is available to everyone at a very competitive rate of $40.00 per set per season. This service is available for both tires by themselves and sets of wheels and tires. Please contact us to inquire about storing your tires here and rid yourself of the hassle of finding your own storage.

Used tire packages

We don’t only specialize in pre owned cars! Fantastic deals to be had pre owned wheel and tire packages. A great option for upgrading your summer or winter wheels!