Parolin Advantage

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe."
Abraham Lincoln



Noun: 1. The action of making ready or being made ready for use.

This word, above all, underlines what the Parolin Advantage is. To prepare a pre owned car is to make it ready, to make it ready is to make is dependable. To make a pre owned car dependable is to make its owner happy.

The Parolin Advantage describes the process in which we prepare our pre owned inventory for the next owner.  This process goes for beyond a basic Ontario  Safety Certification; it has to. Since 1985 we have been selling cars with longevity and customer satisfaction as the anchors of the product we offer. The strength of the brands we offer help achieve these anchors. The Parolin Advantage can allow us to guarantee it.

Synopsis of the Parolin Advantage Recertification Procedure

Road Test Phase

It all begins with a road test. The road test is very important as we closely replicate ownership of the vehicle in a short period of time. Our techs are trained to take note of anything out of the ordinary. This includes all of the comfort and convenience features of the car. None of these features are part of an Ontario Safety Certificate, but are key considerations for any potential buyer. 

Floor Inspection Phase

The second phase begins when the car is pulled onto the hoist after the road test. While the road test phase creates an impression for the tech of the car’s condition, this phase starts to look at the basics of the inspection. Ontario Safety Sandard items are double checked here, like lighting system, parking brake operation, gauges, windows, seat adjustments, etc. We also pay close attention in this phase for any interior or exterior trim damage.

On Hoist Inspection Phase

This phase deals much more with the mechanical condition of the car. Being up in the air, it allows us to get underneath the car and pay particular attention to the chassis and brakes, as well as the underside of the engine. As the client will likely never see the underside of the car, attention to detail here is vital in delivering a great product.

Electrical/Computer System Interrogation Phase

The final phase of the Parolin Advantage reconditioning process examines the electrical side, specifically the control modules in charge of of the electrical functions in the car. This is one element lacking in a normal Ontario Safety Standard, yet so vital in today’s modern vehicles. As modern vehicles become more and more complex, they increasingly rely on computer networks to facilitate the running and operations of nearly all of the vehicle's systems. Carrying out an interrogation of all of these systems with computer diagnostics can often be as important to the running of the car as its mechanical condition. Most shops cannot carry out such testing on European automobiles because they simply lack the knowledge and the appropriate equipment to do so. We see this portion as a important final step in our reconditioning process and helps provide the client with a well prepared car and great peace of mind.