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Our new service blog

Welcome to the all new service "blog" for Parolin European auto specilaists. Thats right, we have shortened our name a little. Mostly for advertsing purposes, no one will be offended if you still call us TE Parolin once in a while. We thought the first post for the service news/service blog should be something relevant for all of our clients, and something very recognizable with our business. 

First off, after many, many years we have totally redesigned our plate covers to market our all new logo and website. Immediately recognizable will be the fact that we have retained the classic black and gold colour scheme. We could not go away from that. We have also made it much more clean looking by ditching the borders, a much more modern look. The idea is to make it look as little like an advertisement as possible. For the next little while we will be replacing the old frames with these new ones for any customer who is interested in having the updated look. Keep your eyes peeled around town as all of the cars sold more recently have the all new plate covers.

Secondly we would like to take this opportunity to remind our clients that we will happily assist in replacing the registration stickers on the rear license plate of your cars. Replacing the sticker will require tools, and our staff is happy to do this for anyone who requires their sticker changed. No appointment is necessary. It is not a good idea to put the sticker on the plate cover, please stop by and have us complete the replacement if you have any troubles.


Happy motoring!

The Parolin team

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